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Q) Hey Calais, my girlfriend (Cynthia Stewart) used to work at RTO's and was your server for trivia nights quite frequently a few years back. She had a youth jersey you signed for her and she wore it so much she has worn it out. I'm sure you get asked for favors a lot, but I figure it was worth a shot to try. Her birthday is coming up and I was wondering if I bought her a new woman's jersey would you be at all able to sign it again for her? It would make her year! She said she would only wear your jersey. (We wish you had a black limited version available!). Thanks in advance for your consideration and good luck this upcoming year! Chadwick Whetham Cwhethamrc@yahoo.com

        -- Chadwick Whetham, Spokane, WA

A)  Yes Chadwick, I would be able to sign your jersey if you provided a new one to replace the one she has worn out. Thanks for the well wishes looking forward to a great a season! Also, you can find the black limited version of the 93 jersey either at the Team store or order it online from what I hear. Once you get it, feel free to mail it to someone on my team. PO Box 13138 Chandler, AZ 85248
Q) I know this is unlikely to ever reach him but I figured it was worth a try for my students. I am a fifth grade teacher at a low income school in Arizona. Our school is doing a program to try to get our students excited in college. Most of the students reached are under-privileged and would be first generation college students if they went. My classroom is celebrating the U. I am trying to get letters or emails from famous alumni as a way to get the students more excited. I would like the students to hear more about the university and get general advice in life. If you could send a letter or a video to the class it would mean a lot to me and to them. My school address is Emerson Elementary 415 N. Westwood Dr. Mesa, AZ 85201 c/o Elijah Kinder My email is ewkinder@mpsaz.org Thank you either way for your time. Elijah Kinder

        -- Elijah Kinder, Mesa, AZ

A) Hello Mr. Kinder,

I will see if I can get something out to you all soon. It is a busy time of the year for me now, yet I appreciate what you all are doing to keep children motivated and learning. Learning promotes growth! Please look to hear something from someone on my team soon. Go Emerson Elementary!
Q) Hi Calais, I hope all is well. I'm going out on a limb here. Every teenager is lucky to score a NFL player to escort them to prom. Can I get an escort to prom? quiana.turnage@aol.com :)

        -- Quiana Turnage, St. Peters, MO

A)  Hello Quiana,

I am flattered that you asked me to escort you to the prom. My apologies for my delayed response. I have been having a massive off season which took me aboard. I am just now getting back to work. How did your Prom go? Can you share any pictures? I am assuming you went to Prom in St. Peters, MO. Do you watch the Arizona Cardinals out there?

Q) Hey Calais, I was a volunteer for the Taste of the NFL with the assignment of ushering Miss America around all evening and I purchased an NFL Helmet for $500.00 with a promise that it would have your autograph on it. I know you just have had some surgery and I hope it was successful. I am willing to bring it to you to have you sign it at a convenient time an location to you. I am not in a hurry and if possible I would like to bring it to a practice or location to possibly gather some other players signatures as well. I really look forward to meeting you...GO CARDS Kent Titze

        -- Kent Titze, Phoenix, AK

A)  Hello Kent, 

I wasn't able to attend the Taste of the NFL as I had originally thought. I know it is one of the hightlights to the NFL Superbowl weekend. Hope you had a good time! By now you should have gotten your helmet signed. If not, you can mail it to us or see if you can collect some signatures during training camp. It's always a good time since the Training Camp is open to the public most days of the week! 

Have a good one! I'm ready to beast out!

Q) Calais, I am a Golf Coordinator at a local Resort here in the valley. We would love to donate something to your Foundation Dinner Event being held this month. Will you be having an auction? Please let me know if I can be of any help. What is your favorite course to play in the valley? Cynthia

        -- Cynthia Polo, Fountain Hills, AZ

A) Hello Cynthia,

We are hosting our Annual Dinner this October once again. If you would like to donate something, please reach out to Bridgett Coates. I can pass along her email address or better yet you can email sponsorship@thecrcfoundation.org or Keyonne@thecrcfoundation.org Someone will be better able to assist you. I really appreciate you taking the time to want to assist us in our efforts to make the world around us better. 

I am not much of a golfer, I stick to football! 

Q) Calais, Ready for the sesaon to begin? Question: where did you grow up? Where you a star player and what position did you play? 


        -- 3footballslim_jim@aol.com

A)  Rick,

Thanks! I grew up in Denver, CO. I attended South High School. I was a pretty good player. Good enough to get offered a scholarship to the University of Miami coming out of Colorado. I played on the offense side of the ball mostly, a tight end. 

Q)  Calais, Great to see you back at work man! Just wondering what is the lastest concert you attended?

        -- foot_fan_8872_92@aol.com

A)  Hey Ricky, 

Thanks, I actually saw John Legend perform this past week thanks to my man Fitz. John Legend has some of the best concerts ever!  

Q) Hi Calias, I hope this message finds you well. I don't know if you remember me, but I was the VP of Public Affairs at University of Phoenix for quite some time. You bowled with my husband, stepson and I at one of the Cardinals Charity events. I noticed you have created a foundation. I would love to lend you any public affairs assistance you might need (pro bono of course). Just let me know... Take care... Ayla

        -- Ayla Guvenoz, Phoenix, AZ

A)  Hello Ayla,

I will have someone on my foundation staff get in touch with you. Would love your support. 
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